Lunch seminar and stakeholders meeting

To ensure governance based on the commitment of all involved stakeholders, a stakeholder meeting took place on the 17th of March 2011 in the European Parliament in Brussels. This meeting brought together over 100 representatives of the European institutions (European Commission and Parliament), the beverage industry, consumer organisations, NGOs, media, youth organizations as well as the public, to exchange around measurable best practices on alcohol labelling (view list of participants and invitation).

-          “The need to PROTECT young people”. Professor Peter Anderson, Maastricht University.
-          “What young people think about labels?” Edita Petrauskaité, Lithuanian consumers federation.
-          “Overview of existing labels”. Walter Farke, Catholic University of Applied Sciences.
-          “What information should be on the bottle?” Dr. Nick Sheron, Royal College of Physicians.
-          “EU Commission input”. Michael Hübel, Head of Unit for Health Determinants at DG SANCO.
-          Opening of debate.
-          Closing remarks.

The starting material of the debate were the results of the PROTECT project as well as a wine bottle mock label designed by the CRIOC and Eurocare, given as an example of what could be done in the labelling area. The main information found on this label was an ingredients list, some nutritional information – including alcohol content and kilocalories (both in glass and bottle) – and a written health warning stating “Alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer” (see below). The label was based on a careful review of existing labels, as well as the results of the focus group study part of the Protect project. The idea was to not be too directive and to only inform consumers, for example with rotating health warning messages about health hazards (especially long term ones, shown to be very little known by youngsters).

-        You can find here a video and some pictures of the event as well as the report of the meeting.